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This blog is about my personal experiences with training and racing triathlons, ironmans, marathons, ultramarathons, bike rides and other shorter races. You will find race reports with course descriptions as well as training reports.

the author

I started running in 2000 and cycling in 2001. Within a couple of years I did my first marathon and then triathlon. Since then, I’ve enjoyed training for half and full distance triathlons, marathons, ultramarathons and century bike rides. I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.


  • CHUCK!!!! I heard you finished! I’m so so proud. I can’t imagine how you must feel today. The opportunity Marc and I got to pace you for that loop was one I’m grateful to have had. You showed some real guts out there. It was incredibly inspiring to see you, especially in those moments of pain, out there on the trail, continuing to place one foot in front of the other.

    It was great to meet you and run through the night with you. You showed some courage and true grit. If you ever need another pacer, hit me up.


    • Thank you so much for getting me through that rough spot! My race would’ve turned out much different without you and Marc. My shins and ankles are swollen but I’m doing well (everyone was limping very badly yesterday). My Kettle post will be up soon and the Mohican post in about a week. If I can ever repay the pacing favor, please let me know. Chuck

  • Hey Chuck!!!! We are super proud of you man! Way to hang in there to the finish! We didnt have any doudt that you wouldnt! You showed alot of guts at tough times when others would have given up! You given me the inspiration to start thinking about an Ultra. Ill do a 50 miler first though!

    Nice to have met you, best of luck in your upcoming races!

    • Thanks Marc! You saw me through my most painful part of the race. Without you and Amanda there, who knows. I’m not sure if it’s guts or stupidity that gets me to push through but either way, I’ll take it! Let me know which ultra you decide to do. I would love to repay the pacing favor 🙂

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