XXX Ironman Training

Altitude Training – Day 3

Today’s training made the last 2 look like a warm up.

Session 1
Our first session was a trip to the grocery store – on foot. We got up around 6 and were out the door by 7. Kamil had mentioned that it was only a couple of miles away so we took backpacks and a bottle to drink for our short run there and back. The store was actually over 6 miles away which is very similar to what happened the first day here (refer to day 1 post). Anyway, we got a cartload of groceries and loaded them into our packs, being very careful to make the weight even (neither of us wanted to be short-changed on our training run). Our packs ended up to be about 20 pounds each and we failed to realize that we ran downhill to get to the store. Oh yeah, don’t forget that we only brought 1 bottle to drink based on Kamil’s convoluted idea of “a couple of miles.” We ran what we could and walked the bigger hills and by the time we were 2.5 miles from home, we were just about out of water (even with rationing) and Kamil bonked. We ended up using the food in our packs to get us through the run and somehow a jar of jelly from my pack made it into Kamil’s pack. Not cool dude. During our 13 mile run (just a couple of miles…) we wondered about how tough it must’ve been for cavemen to gather and carry food for their families all the time. They would probably laugh at us. And so would sherpas. They regularly carry much more for longer and at higher elevations. We didn’t think this session was that tough after that conversation.

Session 2
We were planning on doing the same ride that we did yesterday – to Vail and back. It was long enough and had plenty of climbs, so after procrastinating after our 2.5 hour run, we headed out at 1:30. We did the ride yesterday in 6.5 hours so we knew we would end up in the dark on the way back. Cool, I get to test my new bike lights. The same beautiful scenery and challenging mountain climbs greeted us today. It was tougher since we ran beforehand and weren’t fully recovered from yesterday’s ride. But we ended up riding the 80 miles in 6.5 hours – the same as yesterday. The temps did drop with the rain so we put all of our layers on and rode with lights until 8:30.

Session 3
Getting our asses to the pool was not easy after nearly getting hypothermia from the bike ride but I convinced Kamil it would help repair his muscles. I got my 2000 meters in and Kamil got his 3000. We finally achieved our goal of 10 hours of training. It took us over 15 hours to do it, but we stuck to it even when we didn’t want to. Tomorrow we sleep in a little and dial it back to 2 sessions.

Kamil bonks and eats our groceries

Kamil bonks and eats our groceries

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