XXX Ironman Training

Week 4/15

Finally a recovery week! Usually it takes a few days to feel any relief from easing back on the training so the first few days were still a struggle for me to get my training in. The sessions aren’t super long (yet) but the daily volume that adds up tends to slowly wear me down. That’s part of the challenge of noticing signs of overtraining. It’s gradual. Here’s week 4 from July 18 – 24.


2k in the pool with the dragsuit. Standard drills. I’ve been trying to focus on breathing on both sides in order to keep my form balanced. 1 hour of spinning at somewhat high intensity. After racing on Sunday it’s better for me to do tempo rather than intervals. My 3 mile transition run is at a slow 10 minute mile pace.


I did not want to do any training today. I put off my 3k pool swim until lunchtime. My main set had 50 meter sprints with 50 meter recovery laps alternatively. Then I nearly skipped the bike ride. I had 40 miles to do and wasn’t motivated at all. I used a lifeline and called a friend who said, “call me after your bike ride.” I would’ve hated to call back later and say, “I skipped the ride,” so I went out – during the hottest part of the day! This time procrastination really got me good. High 90’s with a heat index over 100. I was drinking much more than I normally do and began to run out of water on the way back. With about 6 miles to go and completely dry, I noticed a bottle of water in the road. It had been opened and some was missing. It seemed like someone may have dropped it by accident. I hope you don’t look at me differently but yes, you guessed it. I drank it. All of it. And it was good. 17 mph average in windy conditions.


Early run with the run club for 5.25 miles and 2 hills sprinkled in. Slow pace of 12 minute miles. Then my mandatory weight session for an hour. Later in the day it was hot again and I planned on running with the ultra group. With a much different attitude than the day before I opted for 2 loops in the evening for 9.5 miles. Had to walk the last single track section because the darkness had descended on us.


Woke up to thunderstorms but after checking The Weather Channel, it appeared we were safe in the city for our open water swim. During my 2 miles, I saw 2 oriental women doing backstroke. I see them every year down there and they are always doing the backstroke. They seem to appear out of nowhere and disappear. Jeff and I thought last year they may have been figments of our imaginations. Still not sure…


After 1k of easy swimming in the pool, I’m relegated to the indoors from the rain to do 2.5 hours in the spin room and 3 miles on the treadmill. Good thing it’s a recovery week. I would hate to do a long ride in the spin room!


Rain again! 1 hour of easy spinning followed by 12 miles on the treadmill. Treadmill running doesn’t seem to drive me crazy like it does to others. Cranked out 8:50 minute miles average and then an hour of weights. This is the first week of doing weights twice. It’s good for me, right?

Overall, this week of training didn’t allow me to completely recover, but I wasn’t exhausted by the end of it either. I went from 21 hours of training in week 3, to 18.5 hours of training this week. Just enough to briefly catch my breath before next training block. This next training block will resemble the peak training weeks just before taper for a single ironman. I’m guessing around 24 hours of training for each of the next two weeks.


    • Liz, I feel the same way when I look at my friend’s training! Keep checking back to make yours even less crazy, because I still have 3 training blocks that will get out of control. I mean will be lots of fun!

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