XXX Ironman Training

Week 3/15

Another week down! This one was definitely harder to get through than the others. The good part – week 4 is a recovery week!


Unlike last week, I didn’t get up at 3:30 in the morning. Instead, I slept in and forced myself to the gym for 2k of swimming, 1.5 hours of spinning and a 5 mile transition run. Just a little more volume than last week.


Another day in the pool with the drag suit on for 3k. I avoid doing sprints in the pool so that’s what I did for my main set. I figure if I don’t like it, it’s good for me. I’m hoping it will make me a faster swimmer. Then, out for a 55 mile bike ride – just a little longer than last week. And a little faster at 17.5 mph average.


To make sure I actually am doing hill “repeats,” I did 3 this morning with a total mileage of 5.5 miles. Yes, that’s 1 hill repeated 2 more times for those of you who are confused. I finish it off with an hour of weights. I’m still doing 2 sets of 10 reps. Since I’ve been racing on Sundays, I’ve only been able to do weights once a week so I’m making sure to get it in.


Up early to head downtown for a swim at Ohio Street Beach in Chicago. Hands down the best open water swimming but it takes some time to get there. One of my guilty pleasures of training. I like it because there are a bunch of triathletes swimming there on any given morning, the water is clean and there are rough waters at times, which I like to swim in. About 2 miles and my training is done for the day.


An easy 1.5k in the pool (easy meaning no drag suit or drills) and then out with the bike club. I figure it’s nice to ride with others when the miles get higher and going an easier pace is good for me since I have a race tomorrow. We do 63 miles through flat areas and narrowly avoid the rain. 17.6 mph average. After the ride I head up to Racine with Judy to drop off my bike into transition for the half ironman tomorrow.

Club ride!


Race day! Overall, it was a solid race for me. Time – 5:01. To see the race report, click here. Now, time for a rest day and a recovery week.

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