XXX Ironman Training

Week 1/15

Well, a week after completing the Mohican 100 I have made a training plan for the triple ironman I’ll be doing October 7-9. It’s only 15 weeks away so I’ll need to ramp up my cycling and swimming pretty quickly. I’ll post weekly updates on my training progress and this will be the first week from June 27th through July 3rd.


8 days after the race and I head to the club for a nice easy spin class. Turns out they are doing anaerobic intervals. Somehow I justify doing them when I should really be doing an easy spin. Oh well, at least I’m not justifying not going at all.


Going to the lake for an open water swim with friends. We try to get there early enough so we don’t get caught swimming there because it isn’t allowed. We get caught but not until we are on our last lap so we still get in about 2 kilometers. It’s a shame since this is the cleanest lake around. Looks like we’re back to dirty swimming.


I was really sweating this one because it was my first time running since the 100 mile race. My left shin had been bothering me since the race so this was scary! I was the run club lead for this run so I went out with 3 others. We were only doing 4 miles and started out at a very easy pace – maybe 10:30 or 11 minute miles. I hung back with a newer runner and ended up with an 11:15 minute per mile average. My shin started hurting the last half mile and as a result I was walking funny all day. Fortunately, walking funny is nothing new to me (especially lately) so I was able to pull it off.


This was supposed to be a long swim day but I totally blew it off. I used the excuse that it’s been less than 2 weeks from my race and promised myself I would shape up next week. I try to be more flexible at the beginning of my training and during recovery weeks.


Judy (my wife) and I head out of town to Wisconsin and go boating with friends on Lake Chetek. I use this opportunity to get in some open water swimming and jump in this thick green lake. It doesn’t taste good but the water temperature is perfect – maybe 70. I use my speedsuit and feel really comfortable until I’m ready to be picked up by the boat and they are nowhere to be seen. They eventually do pick me up and I get in about 2 miles. I feel better about blowing off my Friday swim now.


I get some alone time on the bike in Chetek, Wisconsin. I rode this route 2 years ago when we went up there last time and I remember how great it was. Nice wide shoulders and not too much traffic. I decide to do 50 miles, just like 2 years ago, and remember that back then I averaged 20 mph in windy conditions. I was curious about my pace this year since I hadn’t been out on the road yet and almost all of my training has been running. I go out easy and after about 10 miles I get my rhythm and start cranking. It isn’t windy this year and I’m out early enough to miss the heat. On the way back, around 37 miles, I am stretching my neck (looking down) and go off the road. I’m going about 28 mph and I’m pretty sure I’m going to bite the dust. Next to the road is gravel and I would rather not go down on that, so my other option is to drop into the grassy ditch which is about 3 feet deep and probably has sticks or rocks or whatever hiding in it. I opt for the ditch and cruise to a stop without wrecking. I dodged that bullet and came in with a 20 mph average. Yeah baby!

Mondays from here on out will be my rest day throughout my training. If I need to take additional rest days to avoid overtraining I try to take them during recovery weeks which are every 3rd week. I felt like this was a good start and without injury. My shin is feeling better everyday and I’m anxious to get into the routine. I know that starting out is tough but gets manageable. Training is a way of life. Going to bed early so I can wake up at 4 am, taking supplements regularly, sneaking in naps when possible and eating 5 times a day are all changes that make this heavy training possible. In a couple of months I know the training load will be massive but that is part of the challange of endurance racing.

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