Hours Before the Race

I’m sitting here knowing that in less than a day I will be on a single track trail pushing my body to its limits. I try to picture what it will be like – what it will feel like. At other races I usually concentrate on the little details. Take another drink. Keep a steady pace. Try not to heel strike. Have another gel. How is my energy level.

At some point it becomes me and my beliefs. I believe I should slow down a little. I believe I can finish at this pace. Eventually those fade away and I end up with only one question.

Why am I doing this?

If I don’t have a good answer on hand, my race will crumble. I go into this race knowing that I do these races to learn about myself and my limits. When I learn new things about myself my perspective changes – not only about myself but about the world I live in from day to day. My beliefs about what I can do and what you can do mutate from cynical to hopeful.

Yes, running 100 miles gives me hope.

Sunrise on Mt. Ranier

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